Why Hauler King Transport Stands Out


With years of experience, we understand the nuances of logistics to ensure your freight is handled expertly.


We’re committed to being a dependable transport partner, with a focus on punctual deliveries.

Innovative Technology

Our use of advanced technology keeps you informed with real-time updates on your shipments.

Our Comprehensive Services

At Hauler King Transport, we offer a suite of robust services designed to address every aspect of your transportation needs. Our commitment is to provide reliable, efficient, and flexible solutions to ensure your cargo is delivered on time, every time.

Versatile Fleet:

We’re equipped to manage any shipment size with a variety of transport options.


Package and store your things effectively and securely to make sure them in storage.

Specialized Handling

We have the capability to transport sensitive or specialized cargo with the utmost care.

Door to Door Delivery

Our operations adhere to the highest safety standards with well-trained drivers and regularly maintained vehicles.

Worldwide Transport

Our services extend beyond transport to include warehousing and distribution, streamlining your supply chain.

Ground Transport

We ensure all regulations are met to facilitate smooth and timely deliveries.

Hauler King Transport is a Global Supplier of Transport and logistics Solutions.








Tons of Goods

Customer-Centric Philosophy

Tailored Services

We work with you to provide services that meet your specific requirements.

Support Around the Clock

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you at 204-697-4913 or [email protected].

Join Us

Business Partnerships:

We seek to create lasting relationships with businesses in need of reliable transport services.

Career Opportunities

We’re growing and looking for motivated individuals to contribute to our success.

Our Dedication to Excellence

Continuous Improvement

We constantly strive to enhance our services and operations.


Your satisfaction is paramount, and we go the extra mile to ensure it.

Hauler King Transport is a World-Class Global Supplier of Transport and logistics Solutions.